We pay you to

Join Ñurika and earn daily rewards for maintaining a healthy physical activity level and eating habits. Move more and earn more!.

Take your health to the next level with Ñurika AI

Our AI-powered health monitoring system leverages user behavior data, collected from mobile devices and wearables, to predict and prevent potential health issues.

With early warnings and tailored recommendations, we empower users to take proactive steps toward better health outcomes.

Move to Earn (M2E)

Track your physical activity daily using Ñurika and earn rewards by attaining your set goals for each day.

Diet Plan

Gain access to personalized meal plans and nutrition information tailored to enable you achieve your dietary goals.

Manage your health

Track your BMI, blood pressure, blood sugar, sleep, and allergy incidences, set medication reminders, and schedule healthcare appointments using Ñurika.


Visit our marketplace and use your Nurika tokens to purchase health and wellness products at discounted prices. Shopping just got easier!

Ñurika-for-Good Foundation

Give back to society by donating your NRK tokens to charity through our foundation.